Senior Engineer, Motion Controls

We are searching for a vehicle motion controls engineer with a specialization in autonomy to join our fast-paced research team. As a vehicle controls engineer you will be uniquely positioned in our team to work on large-scale autonomous problems and push forward the frontiers of AI technologies. You will be involved in all stages of algorithm development from inception and initial implementation to evaluation and all the way to a deployable in real robotics products. You will work with existing team members with expertise spanning reinforcement learning, autonomous vehicles, deep learning, computer vision, robotics.

We’d like you to:

  • Work on high-level controls/path planning, RRT, D** type work, obstacle avoidance/ behavioral planning
  • Be motivated to learn about self-driving cars, including topics such as ADAS sensors, camera, radar, lidar, ultrasonic, model predictive controls (MPC), machine learning
  • Be an expert in Reinforcement learning and simulations

You will have:

  • MSc/Ph.D. in electrical or robotics, or a related field; or industry experience.
  • Good programming skills with C/C++, ROS, could produce robust, well-tested C++ software
  • Strong background in classical control and modern control theories.
  • Expertise in classical control theory
  • Experienced in controller design methodologies such as MCP, PID, and LQR
  • Familiarity with automotive communication protocols (CAN, CAN FD) and Vector CANape
  • Excellent mathematical foundation (curve fitting/non-linear optimization, etc.).
  • Gaussian process / DDP/ LQR based RL algorithmsHigh-level Path Planning Algorithm Engineer