Full-stack, task-specific autonomous technology for heavy industries

Ready Solutions Deployable At Your Existing Site

Unlock full productivity and utilization by transforming existing machines into self-operating robotic assets.


Hauling & dumping material as suited to your use-cases using 30-ton articulated dump trucks to 220-ton haul trucks.


Moving large quantities of material using a bulldozer for different use-cases in the heavy equipment industry.


Picking & carrying material from point to point using wheeled or tracked skid-steer loaders as suited for multiple use-cases.

Retrofit your Existing Equipment

We retrofit your existing equipment with the SafeAI Autonomous Kit, regardless of the equipment manufacturer, so that you can maximize productivity without needing to replace your existing fleet.

Autonomous kit – Sensor suite

Drive-by-wire technology

Autonomous software – AI Compute Platform


Open & Interoperable

Take off autonomous kit from one equipment and install it to another. Full access to your site operation data – see operational history and plan future operations from the comfort of your office or remote locations.

Ease of Use

“Seamless” control command and fleet operation of integrated autonomous vehicles and equipment using an easy and intuitive interface.

Have another project in mind?

We are actively deploying autonomous equipment for different use-cases at existing sites. Let’s discuss the use-case or equipment that you are interested in.